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AREA OF ENGINEERINGJanuary to MarchApril to JuneJuly to SeptemberOctober to December
 > Algorithms: Design and Analysis Yes
Yes NoNo 
 > Artificial Intelligence in gamesNoNoNoYes
> Automatic ControlYesYes, until AprilNoNo
> Biomedical Computational ModelingYesYesYesYes
> Computer Design and the Hardware/Software InterfaceNoNoNoYes
> Concurrency and Parallel ProgrammingNoYesNoNo
 > Data Communication NetworksYesYesNoYes
> Database Querying is not limited to Computer ScienceNoYesNoNo
> Developing .NET Application with C#NoYesNoNo
> Foundations for Signal ProcessingYes Yes No Yes 
> FPGA-based Digital System DesignYesYesNoYes
> Fundamentals of Programming Yes, until FebruaryNoYesYes
> Hardware Plataform for Digital Signal Processing YesYesNoYes
> Intelligent System NoNoNoYes
> Introduction to Computer Vision NoNoNoYes
> Introduction to Digital Signal Processing using MatlabYes Yes No August Yes 
 > Microbotics (Microcontroller based robotics)YesNoNoNo
> Network and Distributed SystemYesYesNoNo
> Physics for Video GamesNo Yes No Yes
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