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Administrative Procedures for PhD studies at Málaga University

The following list shows the administrative procedures related to PhD studies at Málaga University. Clicking on each one will show both the relevant regulation and direct access to the corresponding procedure. They are organized according to the main person responsible for each individual process.

a) procedures for PhD students

  1. Application for PhD studies at the University of Málaga
  2. Enrolling on a PhD programme
  3. Subscribing the Supervisory Agreement
  4. Registering the Student's Thesis Project
  5. Enrolling on Complementary Courses and Seminars
  6. Registering activities in the Student's Activity Register
  7. Registering acquired competency and skills in the Student's Activity Register 
  8. Application for the defence of the PhD thesis
  9. Registration of the PhD thesis in the Spanish TESEO database
  10. Registration in the UMA Institutional Repository (RIUMA)
  11. Applying for the award of doctoral degree


b) changes, extensions and certificates

  1. Changing from full-time to part-time PhD Student
  2. Requests for extension of PhD studies
  3. Requests for temporary suspension of PhD studies from a PhD programme
  4. Issuing of academic certificates


c) PhD Supervisor and Tutor responsibilities

  1. Validation of Research Training Activities
  2. Validation of PhD Research Plan and Project


d) Responsibilities of the Doctoral school and the UMA Postgraduate Committee

  1. Public dissemination of the thesis


e) Responsibilities of the PhD programme Academic Committee

  1. Appointment of Supervisory Committee
  2. Appointment of PhD Tutors
  3. Appointment of PhD Supervisors
  4. Evaluation of Students' Research Plan


f) Responsibilities of PhD Thesis Committees

  1. Constitution of PhD Committee
  2. The PhD defence


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