Vicerectorate for Campus and Sustainability

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  • Raquel Barco Moreno 2

    Vice-Chancellor of the Smart-Campus

    Dña. Raquel Barco Moreno

    Curriculum vitae

    Tel: 952131062 E-mail:

    Pabellón de Gobierno. Campus Universitario de El Ejido. 29071 Málaga


Administrative unit:


a) Define and develop the concept of the “UMA Smart Campus “as a smart and sustainable campus, based on new technologies

b) Develop transversal projects with other vice-chancellorships in areas of teaching, research, innovation and social commitment related to the development of the "UMA Smart-Campus"

c) Collaborate with other public and private national and international institutions in the area of ​​"smart-cities"

d) Promote the use of the campus as an "urban-lab"  for research, transfer and innovation

e) Design and develop the University of Malaga environmental sustainability strategy

f) Define and develop policies for the management of the university campus

g) Plan and oversee the implementation of new buildings and improve existing ones

h) Define and develop policies for the maintenance of buildings, infrastructure and urbanization

i) Design and develop policies for the coordination of telecommunications infrastructure, electricity and water

j) Define and develop policies to coordinate the conservation and development of green areas

k) Coordinate the management of university land, infrastructure and public buildings

l) Design and develop policies to promote sustainable mobility

m) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions to be undertaken by  the technical and administrative sections and teaching and research support facilities  affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

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