Vice-Rectorate for Research and Knowledge Transfer

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  • Teodomiro López Navarrete 2

    Vice-Chancellor for Research and Transfer

    D. Juan Teodomiro López Navarrete

    Curriculum vitae 

    Tel: 952131046  E-mail:

    Pabellón de Gobierno. Campus Universitario de El Ejido. 29071 Málaga


Technical and administrative units:


Teaching and research support structures:



a) Programme and encourage the development of research activity.

b) Design and implement research plans promoting research excellence.

c) Establish an evaluation system to measure the results of research, designed to define the capacity and research roles of the staff, Departments, Research Groups and Institutes and Research Centres.

d) Establish scientific relations and cooperation programmes with national and foreign research institutions.

e) Request and process, on behalf of the University of Malaga, project and research grant applications in any field. Advise and supporting researchers in management, recruitment and the protection of industrial and intellectual property

f) Cover training and promote mobility of researchers

g) Promote the creation of "clusters" of knowledge through the University Research Institutes, completing the map of the same in all areas, including the most significant  topics in humanities and social sciences subjects

h) Promote culture and the dissemination of scientific activity.

i) Coordinate activities of R & D + i Managers

j) Promote the transfer of knowledge to the national and international socio-economic fabric, promoting the culture of innovation throughout the university community.

k) Supervise the management of research contracts and patents

l) Provide researchers with centralised services for the support and development of research activity

m) Design a program for the acquisition, consolidation and maintenance of scientific research infrastructure, including specialised technical support

n) Organise and direct the University Library services.

o) Disseminate research and teaching work through the publication of books, magazines and other materials of interest

p) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions required of the technical and administrative units and teaching and research support structures affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

q) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Chancellor

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