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  • Manager

    Dña. María Jesús Morales Caparrós

    Curriculum vitae 

    Tel: 952131056  E-mail:

    Edificio Rectorado. Avenida de Cervantes, 2. 29071 Málaga



Administrative and technical units:


a) Develop budgetary guidelines, the University budget  and annual accounts

b) Direct revenue and expenditure management and centralized management of purchases, scientific equipment and furniture

c) Monitor economic and financial agreements

d) Manage staff remuneration and control sick leave and incidents on social security and mutualismo administrativo (special scheme for civil servants, the armed forces and court administrative officials)

e) Enable economic-financial audits to be carried out

f) Define and develop assessment processes and internal audits related to services

g) Direct the management of financial and administrative services

h) Supervise the  recruitment processes and control and monitor external services contracted by the University of Malaga

i) Monitor and renovate bars and canteens

j) Develop, review and revise the list  of Administration and Services staff posts which is subject to the approval of the Governing Board

k) Develop, publish and manage selection processes and promotion of Administration and Services staff

l) Promote and encourage actions for the training and professional development of Administration and Services staff

m) Manage and keep custody of  the Administration and Services staff register

n)  Manage the processes for the prevention of occupational hazards

o) Manage the assets of the University of Malaga

p) Coordinate and supervise the Contract-Programme with the Regional Government of Andalusia and the University Centres and Departments

q) Coordinate, implement and control the quality management systems in place at the University of Malaga

r) Direct and supervise student satisfaction surveys regarding  teaching and including a teaching staff evaluation ( DOCENTIA-ANDALUCIA  programme)

s) Plan, support and monitor the evaluation of qualifications, services and units

t) Coordinate internal quality assurance systems related to the degrees awarded by the University

u) Plan,  support and monitor the Strategic Plan and improvement plans, together with the Information System for the "Data Warehouse" Management

v) Develop the Social Responsibility Report

w) Advise and support researchers in managing  regional, national and European research projects, as well as in matters related to recruitment and industrial and intellectual property.

x) Coordinate the activities of R & D + i Managers and resources and computing activities related to scientific production management

y) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions required of the technical and administrative units and teaching and research support structures affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

z) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Rector

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