Deputy for Equality and Social Action

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  • Deputy for Equality and Social Action

    Dña. Isabel Jiménez Lucena

    Curriculum vitae;

    Tel: 952136335  E-mail:

    Pabellón de Gobierno Adjunto. Campus Universitario de El Ejido. 29071 Málaga



Technical and administrative units:


Support structures:



a) Develop plans and take measures to ensure gender equality

b) Propose actions to facilitate the conciliation of work and family life of the university community

c) Manage the “Programa - Aulas Universitarias de Formación Abierta”  (Open Training at University Programme) " for students over 55  from the province of Malaga  

d) Establish guidelines for the management and organisation of Psychological Care at the University of Malaga

e) Oversee the management of the nursery school

f) Propose and develop measures of social action at the University, in order to achieve equal opportunities, through social assistance, for the university community

g) Promote, organise and supervise the management of university housing

h) Promote the full integration of people with special needs into the university community

i) Cooperate with other institutions in specific programmes of social action

j) Promote the overall health of the university community through the implementation of programmes and activities aimed at achieving healthy lifestyles, in collaboration with public health agencies and community institutions

k) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions required of the technical and administrative units and teaching and research support structures affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

l) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Rector

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