ICM Experiences

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  • Meeting with the vice-chancellor of Sir Syed University (Pakistan)

    Last Thursday 8th October, the vice-chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (Karachi, Pakistan), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Afzal Haque, visited the International Relations Office of the University of Málaga. In the meeting with the Deputy Vice-president of International Affairs, Prof. Dr. Olga Guerrero, and with the ICM coordinator for Pakistan, Prof. Dr. Javier Poncela, the implementation of the Erasmus+ project was discussed. 

  • Erasmus+ KA107 experience in Iran

    In the context of Erasmus + KA107 project, that UMA is currently implementing with several institutions in Iran, a seminar has been organized to promote the Erasmus + programme and the possibilities of cooperation between Spain and Iranian universities. 

  • “… one of the best exciting experiences in my life that lasted 5 months…”

    As per described, Jiana Isead from Birzeit University manifested her experience at the University of Malaga as one of the most wonderful due to the join of the choir of the university. Thanks to this adventure, she was able to interact with local people and therefore to rediscover her culture and herself.

  • Prof. Samir Abbes from the University of Jendouba (Tunisia)

    Prof. Samir Abbes from the University of Jendouba (Tunisia) has recently made a staff mobility period thanks to the Erasmus + KA-107 at the Faculty of Sciences at UMA. During his stay, the research lab has been visited and discussed about further future collaborations in between universities.

  • Estudiante de máster de la Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras

    Estudiante de máster de la Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras estudia un semestre en la Facultad de Ciencias Economicas y Empresariales de la UMA gracias al proyecto Erasmus+ KA107 en el que participan ambas instituciones.

  • Prof. Gregory Patience, from École Polytechnique de Montréal, Erasmus+ KA107 partner of UMA, has visit Malaga

    He has made a presentation about his University for UMA students, in order to promote the mobilities for engineering students between both institutions.

    Since he is expert in comunication of science, he also gave a workshop for PhD students about Efective Science Communication : Papers, Posters, and Presentations. More than 40 students from different research areas attended this activity.

  • Sharing experiences with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

    Professor LELANY PINEDA-GARCIA visited last month of May the Faculty of Sciences of UMA and several of its research groups in order to establish contact with their academic leaders and to develop new lines of collaboration and research in their common fields: Aerobiology, Molecular Biology, DNA Analysis and Sequencing Laboratories, Bioinnovation Center, Animal Experimentation Center, etc. 

  • Meeting at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Cetinje, Montenegro

    Prof. Mª Mar Cabezas and Inmaculada Villagrán have recently met Prof. Marko Markovic.

    During their stay, they are planning different activities including drawing workshop with a group of students in some beautiful villages on the coast, at the aim of exchanging experiences and knowledge about the application of drawing in contemporary graphic creation.

  • Derecho español en la lengua de Dickens

    La Universidad Internacional de Andalucía ofrece el curso online y presencial de Experto Universitario en Derecho Español Impartido en Inglés, único en España e Iberoamérica, con profesores con nivel C1 de inglés y casos prácticos cada semana.

  • Collaborations with the University of Monastir

    Prof. Néji Ladhari, from the University of Monastir (Tunisia) has visited the University of Málaga. Lectures, meetings on research topics and preparations of joint projects have been carried out during a week with professors from the Faculty of Sciences.

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