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The University of Málaga is a socially responsible public institution, with a clear vocation to serve society.

The Institutional Strategic Plan explicitly details the following values at UMA:

> Social Responsibility.
> Equality.
> Sustainability.
> Multicultural Relations.
> Freedom of Thought and Critical Awareness.

Among its main lines of action are the development of an Equality Unit of the University of Málaga, Envirnmental Sustainability programmes, Energy Saving and Efficiency, Health, Volunteering, International Cooperation, and those related to Attention to Diversity. According to a study carried out by the Mutua Madrileña Foundation, the University of Malaga, with its 1,186 student volunteers and 72 annual aid projects, is the most collaborative of all Andalusian universities.

Since July 19 2006, following a Government Council Agreement, this University maintains its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact regarding Social Responsibility.

Companies and individuals may collaborate with the institution through the programme, Sponsorship for University Education.

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