Value and Benefits

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  • The added value of the 3IN Alliance is our holistic, value-based approach for inclusive higher education - incorporating the values of human dignity, social justice and ethics into our strategy and operations.
  • The added value for our students, staff, key stakeholders and society in general, results from actualising the 3IN Modus Operandi, through co-creating innovative life-long learning opportunities, education with strong linkages to research and innovation and with close collaboration with business and society. This will be enabled by shared support services enabling diverse and flexible opportunities for virtual and physical mobility.   
  • Together with the actors in 3IN community, we explore and strengthen synergies and best practices for breaking legislative, structural, national, and other barriers to the development of an accessible, borderless, and competitive European Education Area and Wellbeing Economy.
  • The alliance enforces connections within and between all the parties and partnerships of alliance members, thus providing more co-creation, networking and learning opportunities for all. 



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