Faculty of Health Sciences

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Faculty of Health Sciences

The Centre was founded in 1972 and in 1990 became part of the University of Malaga, as the School of Nursing and Physiotherapy. The degrees of Podiatry and Occupational Therapy were then introduced, and the School was renamed the Faculty of Health Sciences.


> Degree in Nursing

> Degree in Physiotherapy

> Degree in Podiatry

> Degree in Occupational Therapy

Degree in process of elimination:

> Access to the teaching programme

Master’s Degrees:

> Master’s in Comprehensive Nursing Care in Nephrology Processes

> Master’s in Comprehensive Emergency and Critical Care Nursing for Adults

> Master’s in New Research Trends in Health Sciences

> Master’s in International Health

María Teresa Labajos Manzanares

Address: Calle Arquitecto Francisco Peñalosa, 3 (Ampliación Campus Teatinos)

Reception - Tel: 951 952 801/02 
Secretary’s office - Tel: 951 952 812/813/814/815


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