Faculty of Science

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Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science, in the forefront of teaching and research at the University of Malaga, was one of the first faculties to be founded. Now, in order to adapt to the changes proposed by a new order in the field of knowledge and a globalized world, the centre offers six degrees that help interpret and better understand the new reality through teaching and research. Furthermore, the faculty has acquired considerable prestige in the field of research at both a national and international level.


> Degree in Mathematics

> Degree in Chemistry

> Degree in Biology

> Degree in Chemical Engineering

> Degree in Environmental Science

> Degree in Biochemistry

Degrees in process of elimination:

> Access to the teaching programme

Master’s Degrees:

> Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology

> Master’s in Advanced Biotechnology

> Master’s in Mathematics

> Master’s in Advanced Chemistry. Preparation and Characterisation of Materials

> Master’s in Water Resources and the Environment

Dean: Antonio Flores Moya

Address: Campus de Teatinos, 29071. Málaga

 Reception: 952 13 19 95
Secretary’s office : 952 13 19 80


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