Faculty of Education

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Faculty of Education

One of the main objectives of the Faculty of Education is to encourage students to develop their personal, academic and professional skills; stimulate the development of instrumental strategies; develop communication skills; help students to discover their skills, interests and abilities; provide strategies for resolving conflicts; and provide teachers with material for student guidance and tutoring.


> Degree in Social Education

> Degree in Pre-school Education

> Degree in Primary Education

> Degree in Pedagogy

Degree in process of elimination:

> Access to the teaching programme

Master’s Degrees:

> Master’s in Social Change and Educational Professions

> Master’s in Culture of Peace, Conflicts, Education and Human Rights

> Master’s in Environmental Education

> Master’s in Practices and Policies of Educational Innovations

> Master’s in Secondary Education Teaching, Baccalaureate, Vocational Training and Language Teaching

Dean: José Francisco Murillo Mas

Address: Campus de Teatinos, 29071. Málaga

Reception - Tel: 952 13 11 16
Secretary’s office - Tel: 952 13 13 00


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