Faculty of Communication Sciences

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Facultad de Comunicacion

Faculty of Communication Sciences

The Faculty of Communication Sciences, founded in 1992, has developed in all areas of teaching related to communication, from the media to the film industry and advertising. The activity of the centre is linked to the great technological change in communication, which, in turn, has meant adapting curriculums to produce up-to-date production and management of social communication.


> Degree in Journalism

> Degree in Audiovisual Communication

> Degree in Advertising and Public Relations

Degrees in process of elimination::

> Access to the teaching programme

Master’s Degrees:

> Master’s in Strategic Management and Innovation in Communication

> Master’s in Research in Journalism

Dean: Juan Antonio García Galindo

Address: Campus de Teatinos, 29071. Málaga

 Reception - Tel: 952 13 29 01
Secretary’s office - Tel: 952 13 29 04


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