Faculty of Law

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Faculty of Law

Legal studies give students knowledge of the legal rules governing daily activities, from family or business relationships to those of public administrations. A legal qualification allows access to all jobs related to legal studies, public and private security, banking and finance, work with NGOs, environmental advisory work, development cooperation and work with international organizations.


> Degree in Law

> Degree in Criminology

> Double Degree in Law and Business Administration

Degree in process of elimination::

> Former degree in Law

Master’s Degrees:

Master’s in Advocacy

> Master’s in Corporate Legal Consultancy

> Master’s in Criminality and Social Intervention for Young People

> Master’s in Criminal Law and Criminal Policy

> Master’s in Mediation

> Master’s in Economic and Territorial Regulation: Specialization in Planning, Urbanism and the Environment

Dean: Juan José Hinojosa Torralvo

Address: Campus de Teatinos. 29071. Málaga.

 Reception - Tel: 952 13 23 39


Secretary’s Office - Tel: 952 13 21 17


Deanery Tel:  952 13 21 25

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