Faculty of Humanities

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Faculty of Humanities

Situated in the Teatinos campus, the Faculty of Humanities offers a wide range of qualifications, from the study of history to diverse philology subjects. The degrees offered aim to meet students’ requirements.


> Degree in English Studies

> Degree in Classical Philology

> Degree in Hispanic Philology

> Degree in Philosophy

> Degree in Geography and Land Management

> Degree in History

> Degree in Art History

> Degree in Translation and Interpretation

Degrees in process of elimination:

> Access to the teaching programme

Master’s Degrees:

> Master’s in Philosophy, Science and Citizenship

> Master’s in Social Development of Artistic Culture

> Master’s in English Studies and Multilingual and Intercultural Communication

> Master’s in Advanced Studies of Spanish Language

> Master’s in Management of Spanish Language and Literary Heritage

> Master’s in Translation Applied to the World of Publishing

> Master’s in Gender and Equality

> Inter-university Master’s - Geographic Analysis in Regional Planning. Geographic Information Technology.

Dean:  Juan Antonio Perles Rochel

Address: Campus de Teatinos. 29071. Málaga

Reception - Tel: 952 13 18 39   
Secretary’s office - Tel: 952 13 34 32


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