Faculty of Psychology

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Faculty of Psychology

The Faculty of Psychology situated on the Teatinos campus, offers degrees in Psychology and Speech Therapy, both related to issues inherent to human beings. Psychology is the scientific study concerning the psychological, biological and social processes that explain human behaviour and its assessment and diagnosis. Speech Therapy studies the use and development of language and communication skills, disorders, assessment and diagnosis.


> Degree in Psychology

Degree in Speech Therapy

Degrees in process of elimination:

Former Degree in Psychology

Former Diploma in Speech Therapy

Master’s Degrees:

Master’s in Research and Social and Community Intervention 

Master’s in Health Psychology

 Dean: María Rosa Esteve Zarazaga

 Address: Campus de Teatinos, 29071, Málaga

 Reception -  Tel: 952 13 11 16

  Secretary’s office - Tel: 952 13 24 07



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