María Isabel Holgado

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María Isabel Holgado

María Isabel Holgado is a PhD candidate in the Doctoral Programme Estudios Avanzados en Humanidades at the University of Malaga, where she is researching the practice of blame, with the working title ‘Blaming Individual and Collective Agents: The Concept of Blame and Its Methodology’, supervised by Manuel Toscano. In 2015, she was awarded a pre-doctoral research grant by Spain’s Ministry for the Economy and Competitivity within the project Civic Constellation II: Debating Democracy and Rights.

She has two bachelor degrees, one in Philosophy and the other in Communication Sciences, and a master's degree from the University of Málaga, Filosofía, Ciencia y Ciudadanía, as part of which she presented the dissertation ‘Lo que hacemos cuando culpamos, análisis relacional de la culpa moral’.

Her main research interest is the study of the practical point and methodology of social practices for their conceptual clarification. Currently, she is specialising in moral blame, which perhaps inevitably has led her to ponder connected issues such as forgiveness, anger, moral responsibility, collective action and collective responsibility. She has published 'La textura abierta del concepto de culpa', Laguna. Revista de Filosofía, nº 37 (2015), 69-84, where she applies the ‘methodology of central and borderline cases’ to Thomas M. Scanlon’s account of blame.

E-mail: mholgado (at)


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