The Social Council of the UMA

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The Social Council is the collegial body representing society in the university.

Both the Organic Law 6/2001 of 21 December on universities, as amended by Organic Law 4/2007 of April 17 and the Legislative Decree 1/2013 of 8 January, approving the revised text of the Andalusian Universities Act, define the Social Council as the organ allowing society to participate in the university, acting as an element of interaction between society and the university.

The Social Council of the University of Malaga is central to bridging the gap between society and the university. This role is essential if the university, the institution best prepared to take on the challenge of scientific and technological advancement of our province, is to join the group of most advanced universities. Likewise, the Social Council also acts as an engine for the economic, social and cultural development in our area.

Therefore, the Social Council of the University of Malaga is essential in defining the links of permanent cooperation and establishing a system of shared responsibility between society and the university. While respecting the autonomy of the university and guaranteeing its capacity to govern, the Social Council aims to project a modern and forward-looking image of the institution responsible for educating men and women in free thought and critical thinking.

The progress of society in the province of Malaga and, to some extent, the development of the Andalusian community, is closely related to the promotion of the university, a key element in any plan for change and which ensures better than any other institution the consolidation of the process of transformation demanded by advanced societies .



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