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The Standing Committees coordinate, promote and develop the actions of the Social Council of the University of Malaga.

The Legislative Decree 1/2013 of 8 January, approving the revised text of the Andalusian Act of Universities, regulates the functions of the Social Councils of the public universities of Andalusia and focuses on three areas.

- University programming management

- Economic, budgetary and patrimonial scope

- The relationship with sectors of the university community and society

However, in order to bring the objectives and activities of the Social Council into line with the guidelines and strategies of the entire University of Malaga, it is essential to take into account the main priorities of the Council, the proposals both in the Strategic Plan of University of Malaga and the Campus of International Excellence "Andalusia Tech"

The actions of the Board of the University of Malaga are coordinated, promoted and developed by the Standing Committees. The proposals generated by the Standing Committees give meaning not only to the legal functions of the Social Councils, but as a body representing the interests of society in the University. The main objectives of the actions are:

-  improve cultural, economic, professional and social relations at the University of Malaga

- consider the opinion society has of the University in order to improve performance and external image.

-  adapt the training offer to the needs of society and the social and productive environment.

- improve the performance of the university services.

- identify the strengths, threats, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement at the University of Málaga.


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