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Analysis of Correlated MRC With Transmit Antenna Selection Under  η – μ  Fading
Concepción Téllez-Labao ; Juan P. Peña-Martín ; Juan M. Romero-Jerez
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology Year: 2017 | Volume: 66, Issue: 9 | Journal Article | Publisher: IEEE

Capacity Limits of Spectrum-Sharing in Hoyt (Nakagami-q) Fading Channels
Romero Jerez, Juan Manuel; López Martínez, F. Javier (2016-10-06)
A channel capacity analysis is presented in this work for a spectrum-sharing cognitive radio link in which the fading experienced by the signal is modeled with the Hoyt (Nakagami-q) distribution. Based on a novel formulation ...

Impact of Fading Severity and Receive Antenna Correlation on TAS/MRC under Nakagami Fading
Peña Martín, Juan Pedro; Tellez Labao, Concepción; Romero Jerez, Juan Manuel (2016-03-18)Transmit antenna selection (TAS) is well-known to allow a reduced signal processing complexity while maintaining the diversity order of a MIMO system. Assuming Nakagami fading, we show in this work that antenna correlation ...

Performance of Selection Combining Diversity in η-μ Fading Channels with Integer values of μ
 J.P. Pena-Martin, J.M. Romero-Jerez, C. Téllez-Labao
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 64, Nº2 , pp. 834-839 , February 2015


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