Admission Criteria and Selection of Applicants

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1. The maximum number of students admitted is 25 for every academic year.

2. The Academic Committee will select the successful candidates according to the criteria specified below.

3. The academic records of the degree (Undergraduate or Master’s) that gives access to the Program will be taken into the account.

4. All candidates will be given a grade between 0 and 10:

a) Academic record (0 to 6 points)
b) Other merits, including research experience, professional experience, etc. (0 to 4 points)

The grading criteria comprises the following aspects:

  • The suitability of the studies that give access to the doctoral program, in respect to the subject matter of the thesis
  • The candidate’s CV
  • The Faculty’s interest in the line of research to which the candidate expects to contribute
  • The consistence between the proposed research and the Doctoral Program’s lines of research
  • Any other merit related to research
  • The availability of University of Malaga personnel to tutor the thesis in the field of research requested by the candidate.
  • The availability of resources needed by the candidate to carry out the research.

All candidates will be classified according to the grade they are given. Only those candidates with a grade of 7 or higher will be eligible for the PhD Program. Some relevant information can be found at this link.

Enrollment and Compulsory Courses 

Accepted students will enroll in the Program every year. This enrollment provides the right to benefit from academic tutoring. The Program’s Academic Committee will decide, according to the current regulation, which students require compulsory courses.

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