Degree in Software Engineering / Examination dates

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Academic Year 2020/21 [all links are in Spanish]

NOTE: The exam place (laboratory or classroom) is only displayed for on site exams.


Guidance notes:

“Internships”: the dates listed make reference to the deadline for the submission of internship reports to the relevant academic tutor.

“Final year project”: the dates listed are only intended as a guideline. For more information see the Academic calendar for the relevant degree at the following link.

Primary examinations periods (February-June  September): the classrooms where examinations will be held will be published at the start of the academic year, once all the students have been enrolled in their subjects.

Supplementary examinations period in December: the dates, times and classroom allocations of the examinations will be published after all requests to sit the supplementary examinations have been made.

Note 1: If there is a problem with one of the scheduled examinations, it could be held on the following Saturday, provided this is not a public holiday.

Note 2: Practical Examinations: if the capacity of the lab requires several practical examinations to be held, one examination will be held the following day (please consult with the teachers).
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