Under the auspices of the project ‘Orientation’: A Dynamic Perspective of Contemporary Fiction and Culture (1990-onwards) (Ref. FFI2017-86417-P), this Conference explores how the concept of ‘orientation’ can offer a renewed perspective on literary texts and cultural products alike. By positioning ‘orientation’ in close relation to (multiple) temporalities (or “polytemporality”, following Victoria Browne), space, and recognition of the ‘other’, this Conference (and the project) addresses the dynamic and fluid nature of today’s fiction and culture in English. We actively engage with different critical perspectives that intersect with various fields such as phenomenology, affect studies, illness and ageing studies, or gender studies.
‘10 concession tickets are available at reduced price (10 euros) for BA, MA, PhD students to attend the special event (round table), and the keynote speakers’. They only need to send a message to orientationliterature@gmail.com to book a ticket (on a first-come, first-served basis), and they’ll pay on arrival at Registration Desk.
Registration: https://dis-orientations.org/new-registration/