Universidad de Málaga
Synchrotron related activities (updated January 2012)

1. Founding president (2004-2007) of AUSE 'Asociación de Usuarios de Sincrotrón de España).
The Spanish Synchrotron User Association.

2. MICINN Spanish delegate at 'European Synchrotron Radiation Facility' ESRF council (2004 - present).

3. MICINN Spanish delegate at 'European X-ray Free Electron Laser' EuropeanXFEL council (2009 - present).

4. Advisor of the committee 'Commission on Synchrotron Radiation –CSYNR-” belonging to the International Union of Crystallography, IUCr, (2005 - 2010). Member of the committee since 2011.

5. Observer of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Spanish synchrotron ALBA, (2004-2007).

6. Member of the beamtime awarding panel 'chemistry' of ESRF, (2001-2003).


1. Highly-trained in synchrotron X-ray powder diffraction.
Experiments carried out at ID31, BM01B, BM08, BM25 beamlines of ESRF

  1.1. Quantitative phase analysis of complex materials (including cements and mortars) by the Rietveld method.
  1.2. High-resolution powder data for ab-initio structure determination.
  1.3. In-situ hydration studies of cement pastes.
  1.4. In-situ high temperature clinkering processes (up to 1500 ºC).

2. Experience in synchrotron X-ray single crystal diffraction at BM1A and BM25 beamlines of ESRF.

3. Starting the training in Coherent synchrotron X-ray diffraction imaging (experiment at I16 beamline of Diamond) in collaboration with Professor Ian Robinson (from UCL, London).

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