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Budget - Financial Year 2007

Annual Accounts 2007

Budget - Financial Year 2008 

Annual Accounts 2008

Budget - Financial Year 2009

Annual Accounts 2009

Budget - Financial Year 2010

Annual Accounts 2010

Budget - Financial Year 2011

Annual Accounts 2011

Budget - Financial Year 2012

Annual Accounts 2012

Budget - Financial Year 2013

Annual Accounts 2013

Budget - Financial Year 2014


According to Article 174 of the Statutes of the University of Malaga, the budget will be unique, public and balanced. It will consist of a detailed list of all income and expenditure that the University of Malaga is planning to implement in a calendar year, according to the estimates and proposals previously submitted by the different functional units that make up the structure of the budget.

 Likewise, as provided in Article 180, the annual financial report is the document which accounts for the financial year, both on an internal University level as well as before the Spanish Court of Auditors and the Audit Chamber of Andalusia. The University of Malaga  will send the budget settlement to the Governing Council of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, together with other documents constituting its annual accounts, within the period prescribed by the rules in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia or, alternatively, in general legislation.


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