Vice-President for Student Affairs

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Administrative sections:

Facilities affiliated to the Vice-chancellorship:


a) Determine university policy to promote student democratic participation of and involve students in cultural, sporting, charitable and recreational  programmes

b) Assist in managing the Student Council

c) Develop and promote student associations

d) Promote, encourage and oversee the management of cooperation activities and volunteers’ activities  at the university

e) Determine  university policy  aimed at addressing student issues, guaranteeing equality at the university and resolving  problems of a socioeconomic and cultural nature , as well as those related to special educational needs

f) Identify, assess and make proposals for  improvements in student  education and  administration

g) Direct and supervise student satisfaction surveys regarding teaching activity

h) Coordinate the management processes regarding university access, student admission and own fund scholarships, as well as  monitor the  aid granting processes from  other institutions

i) Coordinate the University entrance exams 

j) Provide pre-university and university guidance

k) Promote educational opportunities at both a national and international level

l) Establish, promote, manage and supervise the processes for granting scholarships and grants with own  funds

m) Oversee the implementation of processes for granting scholarships and grants, organised by other public or private institutions

n) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions to be undertaken by  the technical and administrative sections and teaching and research support facilities  affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

o) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Chancellor

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