Vice-Chancellor for Culture and Sports

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  • Tecla Lumbreras Krauel

    Vice-Chancellor for Culture and Sports

    Dña. Tecla Lumbreras Krauel

    Curriculum vitae

    Tel: 951 953 068  E-mail:

    Bulevar Louis Pasteur. Campus Universitario de Teatinos. 29590, Málaga


Technical and administrative units:


a) Promote and manage the development of actions for the dissemination of culture through university extension

b) Foster collaboration with public and private institutions for the dissemination of culture in society

c) Promote and manage the development of cultural activities involving the participation of members of the university community

d) Oversee the management of cultural programmes

e) Supervise the cataloguing of cultural property

f) Organize and coordinate cultural exhibitions

g) Plan cultural activities with the University of Malaga Centres 

h) Manage spaces for exhibitions and cultural events

i) Manage the spaces and uses of the University Sports Complex

j) Promote, define, organize and develop  sporting activities for the university community

k) Promote the conciliation of academic and sporting life through the implementation of the Estatuto del Deportista Universitario (University Athlete Statute)

l) Project university sport outside the university confines  by  collaborating with other institutions in scientific and sporting events  

m) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions required of the technical and administrative units and teaching and research support structures affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

n) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Rector

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