Vicerrectorado de Movilidad y Cooperación Internacional

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Administrative sections:


a) Develop, promote, manage and evaluate all policies, actions and measures related to the internationalisation of the University of Malaga

b) Establish, promote and strengthen relations with foreign universities

c) Promote and encourage international collaboration agreements with companies and foreign institutions

d) Promote and encourage the creation of international networks.

e) Plan, request and manage international projects

f) Design strategies for attracting foreign students and talent

g) Manage, encourage and promote mobility programmes for students, teachers and administrative staff.

h) Promote and encourage exchange scholarships with foreign universities

i) Promote internships in international companies

j) Develop and promote programmes and cooperative  development projects with third countries in the field of teaching, research and knowledge transfer, and manage the mobility thereby generated

k) Promote strategies for the implementation of studies leading to different qualifications from foreign universities

l) Coordinate the language policy for the University of Malaga.

m) Direct the management of the International Centre for Spanish.

n) Establish the courses offered by the International Center for Spanish.

o) Promote the offer of courses at the International Centre for Spanish

p) Establish the guidelines and adopt the resolutions to be undertaken by the technical and administrative sections and teaching and research support facilities affiliated to this governing body, according to their competencies

i) Any other functions expressly attributed by the Chancellor

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