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By completing this form, the assignor authorizes the assignee to use his images, photographs, videos, graphic material, etc. with an academic-cultural use and it is not subject to any temporary term nor is it restricted to the national scope of any country.

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Write us about your experience!

This is a space to share your experience in Erasmus + KA107.

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If you don't know what to write, these are just some guidance questions:

- How was your arrival?

- Tell us what you liked the most and what you least liked about Malaga and what you did during your stay

- What did you do at the host university and what is your opinion?

-Have you noticed a big culture shock?

- Do you plan to come back?

- Would you recommend visiting your host university?

- What has the Erasmus + KA107 experience given you?

*Obligatorio para PERSONAL 

Buenas prácticas; nuevos proyectos; artículos; presentaciones; ampliación de contactos; etc.