This lectures are a continuation of the lessons delivered in May 2019 by Prof. Kuznietsova to these students. SAS is a software solution for data analytics, which is not included currently in the technologies learn by Health Engineering students. So, this lectures serve to improve the training of the students. These teaching activities are also part of the actions planned in the Educational Innovation Project of the University of Málaga (PIE19-006) (which Main Researcher is also the ICM coordinator for Ukraine: Prof. Ismael Navas Delgado).

Prof. Kuznietsova presented also her research activities to several Professors and PhD students of the University of Málaga. Her research is focused on practical applications in real enterprises, collaborating with such companies as SAS Institute L.L.S., EPAM, SAP, Cisco, Quartesian, Chiltern, Ukrainian and international banks, financial companies. Her research team fulfills national scientific projects devoting to developing the data mining tools for different areas: finance, medicine, risk analysis. This presentation was followed by a discussion on research collaborations, which will serve to strength the relationships between both universities at the research level. This presentation was organized at the Computer Science faculty of the University of Malaga. This activity will serve to improve the international relationship actions for Computer Science students and professors as part of the Educational Innovation Project of the University of Málaga (PIE19-130).