natural products and drugs synthesis, and NANOTECHNOLOGY Group

University of Málaga, Spain


Welcome to the web site of the Research Group in nanochemistry, natural products and design and drug synthesis in the Department of Organic Chemistry at the University of Malaga in Spain.

This Research Group was born as the merge of the research areas in organic synthesis, applied to the preparation of active molecules, and nanotechnology of our Department, both with broad experience in the respective research fields.

The reader will find here the members of the group, research interests, publications, links to other institutions or web pages, some pictures of ours labs, and information about the Spin-Off Company I&N.

Junta de Andalucía Research Groups:

FQM 158 and FQM 397


Access to teaching

Access to UNED Mijas

Organic Chemistry Dep.

Faculty of Sciences

University of Malaga


Group contact

Dr. Manuel López


Phone: +34 952 13 7383

Fax: +34 952 13 7383

Dept. contact

Dª. Mónica García


Phone: +34 952 13 1941

Fax: +34 952 13 1941


Dept. Química Orgánica.

Facultad de Ciencias.

University of Malaga.

Campus de Teatinos, s/n. 29071. Málaga. Spain

From February 14, 2005

Last update: April 4, 2020

Natural Products and Drug Synthesis and Nanotec