Contract Teaching and Research Staff

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Placement request for contract teachers


According to Article 2 of the Regulation on recruitment through open competitive examination at the University of Málaga

1. The Department Council is responsible for issuing the request of contract teaching and research staff. Such requests must be justified by informing on the teaching and research staff needs, in accordance with the University of Málaga's Teaching Staff Management Plan, approved by the Governing Council.

The request should be made using the model provided for the purpose by theVice Rectorate for Teaching and informed by the corresponding Board of Centres.

2. Exceptionally, the Board of Centres may issue the request for university teaching and research posts. Such requests should be justified in a report on staff needs, in accordance with the University of Málaga's Teaching Staff Management Plan, previously approved by the Governing Council, and shall be informed by the competent Department Councils.

3. The Office of the Vice-President for Faculty Affairs, under the policy framework for promotion at the University of Málaga, and as a way of guaranteeing compliance with basic, teaching, and research functions, may submit a proposal to the Governing Council on teaching and research staff placement, following a report by the Centres and Department where these function will take place.

4. The Governing Council, upon proposal of the aforemention Office, will determine the source for staffing, so as to apply due modifications to the List of Posts for the Teaching and Research Staff. This without prejudice to the rules on development, executing, and monitoring of the University's budget.


Men and Women's equal representation in the workplace

Proposals related to the organisation of the Committee should comply with the principles of impartiality and professionalism, so as to achieve a balanced staff of men and women, as stated in the Organic Act 3/2007, of March 22, for effective equality between men and women, unless it is not possible for wellfounded and duly substantiated reasons.

For the purpose of this Act, an equal representation of men and women is achieved when either sex accounts for no more than 60% and no less than 40%, overall.


Request Forms:

  • Contract PhD Professor
  • Collaborating Professor
  • Assistant PhD Professor
  • Assistant

    In the case of request for promotion to PhD Contract Professor or Collaborating Professor, a certified copy of the teaching license will also have to be submitted.

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