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The following list of questions and answers aim to solve some of the most frequent questions from students interested in internships in companies.

What are Curricular and Extracurricular Internships?

A Curricular Internship is a temporary position with a company or organisation. The internships are academically monitored and integrated into the curriculum under the Company Internship subject. They are undertaken by students who have obtained more than half of the ECTS credits required in the degree curriculum.

Extracurricular Internships are Academic External Internships that students may do on a voluntary basis during their training period and which do not form part of the curriculum. Students who have done extracurricular internships can apply for recognition of the 12 ECTS credits corresponding to the subject in Company Internships. To do this, it is not necessary to enrol on the course.

Extracurricular Internships are managed by the Department of Company Cooperation and Promotion of Employment. Any questions regarding extracurricular internships can be discussed with the persons responsible for student internships.

What does the Collaborating Institution commit to?

In the case of curriculum internships, the collaborating institution may contribute to the student’s financial aid package or study grants. Remuneration to students is voluntary. The student is covered by the Student Insurance scheme.

 This characteristic differentiates curricular and extracurricular internships, since the latter must be remunerated.

How long is the internship in a Collaborating Institution for?

The length of the Curricular Internships is determined by the curriculum of the faculty. Although the Company Internships subject is scheduled for the second four months of the academic year, internships can be undertaken in another time period.

 Extracurricular Internships have a duration of not less than 2 months, unless the internship is a continuation of a curricular internship, in which case the total may not be less than three months and not more than fifty percent of the academic year or six months. This may be extended, with the authorization of the University, for up to nine months.

 Is it possible to extend the internship?

If you have been at the collaborating institution doing a Curricular Internship you may extend your placement by doing an Extracurricular Internship.

What requirements must I meet to be able to do a Company Internship?

a) You must be enrolled in the current academic year at the University of Malaga.

b) You must have obtained more than 50% of the total credits of your degree.

Are internships recognised for credits?

In the case of the new degrees, the recognition of work internships (extracurricular) for free choice credits may be effective according to the curriculum of each centre. In the case of degrees and qualifications with free choice credits the internship itself will be recognised .

 Can I do more than one internship in the same academic year?

After carrying out an internship, you can apply for other work placements that have been published through this Service.

Are free choice credits recognized for internships?

After completing the internship in companies that have signed a Collaboration Agreement with UMA, free choice credits will be recognized for qualifications which have been phased out. To do this, the company will issue a certificate stating your name, ID number, internship period, total hours and tasks carried out. With this certificate, stamped and signed by the company, the Company Cooperation and Promotion of Employment Service will issue a report of your internship, which you must then submit to the Secretariat of your Centre.

How I can access the Internship Programme and apply for an internship?

Just sign up on the ICARO platform and from there register for the placements of your choice and which are within your academic profile.

Will I get paid?

Yes. Internships are paid a minimum of €360 per month.

Do I have to pay to participate in the internship programme?

No. Participation in the internship programme is free for students.

Can a student do internships without obtaining more than 50% of the credits required?

No. Students must have obtained more than 50% of the credits required.

Can a student who is not enrolled do an internship?

No. All students must be enrolled on a course which includes work placements.

Who pays the student?

The company is responsible for paying the intern.

Am I given a work contract if I do a paid internship?

No. You are not given a work contract. You are taken on as a student and not as an employee.

What will the company give me at the end of the internship?

At your request, the company will give you an internship certificate. The certificate will state, among other things, the company’s name, your name, ID number, start and finish date, total hours and tasks undertaken ​​by you during the internship. To be valid, this certificate must be stamped and signed by the company.

Can I reject an internship before the deadline?

Yes, but if you refuse an internship you must fill out a renunciation form which you can get from the Company Cooperation and Promotion of Employment Service. You must explain in detail the reasons for the refusal and present supporting documents.

Are there regulations governing internships at the University of Malaga?

Yes. There are regulations which govern external academic internships. An internship is training activity undertaken by university students and supervised by the University of Malaga. It is designed to enable students to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, encourage the acquisition of skills that prepare students for professional activities, increase opportunities for finding work and foster entrepreneurship.

You can see the regulations at:

Will I be insured during my internship?

For curricular internships, students will be covered in case of accident, illness or family hardship by the Students Insurance scheme, on the terms and conditions established by law. Students older than 28 years old must take out their own accident insurance and present a copy to the person responsible for internships in their faculty before starting the internship. In addition, civil liability for damages to third parties is covered under the policy that the University of Malaga has signed to that effect.

 For extracurricular internships, students contribute to the Social Security General Scheme which will only provide cover for common contingencies, accidents at work and occupational illnesses. Contributions will not be made for unemployment, Wages Guarantee Fund (FOGASA), or Occupational Training.

 In the case of international internships, regardless of the type of internship, students must take out their own accident insurance that includes repatriation and liability insurance.

 Do I pay tax on the payment I receive during my internship?

According to the Directorate-General for Taxation of the Ministry of Finance 

 (Consultations nº 1770/02 nº 1992/00

concerning the internships of university students, the study aids which companies give university students under the Educational Cooperation Agreements are subject to income tax. Therefore, the amount of the financial aid package or study grant received by the student is subject to taxation.

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