Elders Housing Programme

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If you are a University of Malaga student interested in doing social work and free accomodation... 

If you are an elderly person and would like someone to keep you company...

Why not get together? 

The Provincial Office on Social Affairs in Malaga and the University of Malaga have launched a programme whereby elderly people provide students with accommodation in exchange for companionship and running small errands. 

Why not give it a try? It is surely an experience worth living. 

Once again, the University of Málaga starts the shared housing programme which pairs students with elderly people with the aim of improving intergenerational relations, providing free housing in the city for students, encouraging mutual support between these two social groups, and offering essential companionship to seniors requiring assistance.


This programme was launched in the year 1992/1993 and it was addressed to students lacking the financial means for a place to stay during their academic year; moreover, it is also addressed to those caring students who wish to share life experiences. A programme for the elderly. The main reason leading this sector to take part in the programme is companionship and, to a lesser extent, benefit from the monthly financial support provided by the University to cover extra expenses in electricity, water, and gas. A growing demand.

The main advantage for students applying for this programme is that they only have to worry about food and hygiene expenses given that the programme covers the rest. Students will benefit from the support and advice of an experienced person throughout their study period. In exchange for this, students provide company and support in essential activities such as visits to the doctor, administrative procedures, and house errands. 

Students and elderly people interested in joining this programme ought to sumbit an application, after which a social worker at UMA will visit candidates to learn about their motivation and need to apply for the programme. After the selection process participants are paired according to each individual's characteristics and on the day of the presentation the arrangement will be made official. 

It is usually students residing in Málaga that apply for this programme; however, with each year, the number of students coming from other areas (within Andalusia and outside, such as Morrocco or South America) is increasing. As previously mentioned, this initiative especially benefits those students who cannot afford housing. Applicants' age ranges between 21 and 26 and the percentage of males and females varies with each year.

As far as elderly people, ninety percent of applicants are female. They are usually residents in different areas of the city of M√°laga and their age ranges between 61 and 92 years old. The majority live alone and, thus, seek companionship and help in daily tasks.

Each academic year this programme proves to be a success given that the majority of students decide to continue sharing a home with the same person until they complete their study period./p>




Throughout year


Throughout year


> For more information:

We are located at Bulevar Luis Pasteur, 35
Aulario Rosa de Gálvez (Aparcamiento E.T.S. Informática y Telecomunicaciones)
Campus Teatinos - CP 29071
Email  -  Tel: 952 13 25 16
Opening hours from Monday to Friday 9am - 2pm





- Over 18 years old and a sudent at UMA.
- Not suffering from infectious/contagious diseases.
- Not presenting psychic disorders.
- Free housing.
- Provide companionship.
- Carry out minor home repairs.
- Buy necessary medicines.
- Accompany on visits to doctor, help with administrative procedures...
- Other arranged tasks.
- Each pair will determine the obligations.

Elderly and/or disabled people

- Pensioner and/or person over 55 years, not working, living alone or with a degree of disability equal to or higher than 33%, and in need of support for housework.

- Not suffering from infectious/contagious diseases.

- NNot suffering from psychic disorders.

- Offer a home in good sanitary and hygienic conditions, with a separate room.

- Monthly pay to cover extra expenses.



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