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What is ESN?

It wouldn’t be a big surprise that, before coming to Spain, you already knew Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The reason? We are a huge apolitical non-profit association formed by volunteer students from all over Europe.

Under the motto “Students helping students”, ESN was founded in 1990 with the support of the European Commission. “Unity in diversity”, “Diversity in the unity”,” Fun in friendship and respect”, ”Openness with tolerance” and “Cooperation in the integration” are some of the principles by which ESN is governed.

Today features 480 sections in 37 countries and provides support to more than 190,000 university students around the world before, during and after their exchange period.

Before the exchange ESN offers information on the advantages to study abroad, it gives advice and provides an opportunity to have a first contact with the international environment without leaving the city itself. It is this very environment that the student can continue enjoying after the exchange. During the exchange, ESN provides all the information and assistance necessary for rapid integration by organizing different types of activities.

Cultural, social and sports - there are of all types and for all tastes: trips to different cities in Spain, theme parties in the weekly meeting point, museum visits, sports competitions, language exchange, international dinners, dancing classes, etc. Members of each section do not lack imagination for exchange students to taste and feel the local culture and local students to find an international environment without leaving home.

Most of the thousands of ESN members comprising local, national and international have been exchange students in the past: they know what it means to be in a foreign country and they know what help you may need. If they are members it is because they like the international environment and willing to lend a hand to anyone who asks.

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