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If you come for an traineeships or internships  

This information is addressed to those students who won’t come under an exchange bilateral agreement, but would like to come only for a traineeship or internship.

Welcome to UMA

Our International Office does not arrange the Erasmus Practice Internship or any type of traineeship for international students who come to the University of UMA.

Internships or internships in a hospital or company 

If you are interested in doing any internship or traineeship in a hospital or company, you don’t have to submit any documentation to the University of Malaga since we cannot sign your Acceptance Letter. You must search the details of the hospital (not the Faculty of Medicine) or company and contact them directly. In case that they can accept you, they must sign your Acceptance Letter. Please, find below the instructions to follow.

 Internships or internships at the University of Malaga

In case that you would like to do any traineeship in a department of our university, you should contact directly the department of the faculty and find a professor who could lead your traineeship.


European students should follow this procedure in order to access any of the Malaga hospitals for an Erasmus Practice Internship.

The aim of the following hints is to clarify common aspects of the application procedure for ERASMUS PRACTICE, PLACEMENT OR INTERNSHIP VERSUS ERASMUS STUDY PROGRAMME in Malaga, since we have facing different problems in this matter. We believe the misunderstanding is raised by the different nature of the link University – Hospital in Malaga, and the way we work it through.

Hospitals in Spain, even the University Hospitals, have their own autonomy and the University has no authority whatsoever when it comes to hospital practice residences.

Lecturers at the University, including the Erasmus Coordinators, do not deal with hospital practices other than those assigned to their subjects. These practices are a core part of the curriculum and only accessible to University students, including visiting Erasmus students, which are bound to attend lesson and exams.

All of this has nothing to do with the type of practical training which is included in the Erasmus Practice/Placement/Internship Program. Regarding this frame of clinical practices, the student is not enrolled in the University and he/she comes only for the purpose of their stay at the hospital.

To begin with, the Erasmus Coordinator in the origin, or the student itself, should directly address the chosen hospital in Malaga. It is thus important for the student to have got in contact with the appropriate Hospital Department previously to his/her departure to Malaga. According to Erasmus Practice Program, before the student is engaged in this program, his/her home university must have reached an Erasmus Practice Agreement with the hospital.

Once this document is signed, the hospital submits the “Carta de aceptación” or an Acceptance Letter for this student. It is essential for the student to have this written confirmation from the hosting Hospital Department. In this letter, the length of the residence (minimum of 3 months) as well as the objectives of his/her stay should be clearly stated.

In case of failure to produce both documents (i.e.: the “Carta de Aceptación” and the signed Erasmus Practise Agreement between the home University and the chosen department), any option of staying in a hospital in Malaga will be invalidated. Once the paperwork is in order, and the student arrives to the Hospital, he/she should contact the head of the hospital department, or the assigned tutor, if any, so as to be taken through the induction program and then properly allocated within the ward.

At the end of the three months residence period, the student should elaborate an Activities Report, i.e. “Memoria de actividades” or Record of Activities. It should be signed and sealed by the Hospital and delivered to the Erasmus Coordinator in his/her home country.

On the basis of the aforementioned conditions, Erasmus Practice clinical activities do not belong to any of the academic courses held by the Medical Faculty. By no means will thus the Dean of the Medical Faculty be able of signing either a record of activities or a document related with this Erasmus Practice or Internship framework.

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