Aulario IV & SG María Zambrano

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InterDisciplinarity: Conceptual Explorations

21st International Conference on the History of Concepts

University of Málaga, 25–28 September 2018


Aulario IV: Profesor Juan Antonio Ramírez

Aulario IV is named after the late History of Art Professor Juan Antonio Ramírez. Located in Teatinos Campus, easily accessible from Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, for the conference we'll use five of its rooms (aulas):

Aula 2: registration office

Aula 4: 48 bench seats

Aula 5: 55 bench seats

Aula 7: 42 mobile chairs with writing pads

Aula 8: 42 mobile chairs with writing pads

Sala de Grados María Zambrano

The assembly hall of the School of Philosophy and Letters is named after the philosopher María Zambrano. It is the venue of plenary sessions.


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