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The UMA International Hub offers a wide range of services to the different members of the university community (students, PAS and PDI) as well as to the partner institutions.

In this section, you will find a list of the services we offer:

Welcome to UMA - International University Community

Welcome to UMA, within the UMA International Hub, is a transversal service of the actions that we carry out from the Hub for the international academic community.

Among the services we offer within the Welcome to UMA brand, we find:

  • Support and information on formal matters:
    • Bureaucratic procedures and processes unrelated to the academic mobility process carried out by the Vice-rectorate for Mobility and International Cooperation.
  • Welcome service and academic and social orientation:
    • Facilitating contact with people and institutions of interest for the visitor (accommodation, events of interest, Spanish courses, tourism...).
  • Welcome event for international students.
  • Information and promotion of the different academic programmes available at any given time.
  • Local and regional cultural immersion activities:
    • Cultural workshop (flamenco, Andalusian cuisine, etc.).
    • Trips to places in Malaga.
    • Guided visits to museums and places of historical and tourist interest.
  • Language Exchanges.
  • Buddy Program.
  • Creation of different "Study Abroad" programmes.

Local university community

  • Information and promotion of the different academic programmes available at any given time.
  • Advice on international education and training programmes.
  • Launching international cultural immersion activities through the "Spaces" of specific partners:
    • Different types of activities will be offered, in collaboration with our partners, attending to the demand and needs of the local university community.
  • Academic, cultural and social orientation through specific partner "Spaces".
  • Language Exchanges.
  • Buddy Program.

Partner institutions

  • Coordinate and manage the implementation of comprehensive programmes for the internationalisation of the UMA with international partners of interest.
  • To encourage and support the management of bidirectional international programmes.
  • To improve the quality of the international relations established by the University of Malaga, through the creation of specific programmes.
  • To promote the international participation and representation of the UMA with international partners.
  • To organise academic and cultural activities in collaboration with different partners to promote the international dimension of the UMA.
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