Accommodation with Seniors

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If you are a student at the University of Malaga, and would like to participate in a social work scheme, and are looking for accommodation at little cost…

If you are an older person and you would like some company at home…


why not find a solution together?

The University of Malaga offers a programme whereby seniors offer accommodation to students in exchange for company and help with small day-to-day tasks.

Why not try it? Those who have taken part in the programme tell us the experience is more than worthwhile.



Through this programme, the University of Malaga aims to improve intergenerational relations between young and old, encourage mutual help, provide university students with almost free accommodation in the city, and alleviate the sense of loneliness some older people experience.

The programme was implemented in the 1992/1993 academic year and is aimed at students with limited financial resources who find it difficult to live in the city during the academic year. It is also aimed at those who are motivated by a sense of solidarity and a desire to exchange experiences. Elderly people request this type of service mainly to feel accompanied and, to a lesser extent, receive a monthly financial allowance from the University to cover the costs of electricity, water and gas generated by having a person living in their home. The number of requests increases each year.

Apart from being a meaningful personal experience, the main advantage for students who apply for this programme is financial, as the accommodation only involves the cost of contributing to food and hygiene expenses. Students agree to keep the person company, and if necessary, are also expected to accompany them to see a doctor or to carry out administrative procedures. These are just a few examples. Coexistence and affection generate situations that cannot be predicted.

In order to be eligible for this initiative, both groups have to submit an application. The social workers of the UMA will then begin a process of visits and interviews to find out the motivations and needs of those requesting the service. Subsequently, students and seniors are selected and the couples are matched depending on their characteristics. Cohabitation is formally established through an agreement that is signed on the day of the presentation.

Most students who request this type of accommodation come from towns in the province of Malaga, although each year there is an increase in applications from university students from other areas of Andalusia, Morocco and South America. Their ages range from 21 to 26 years old, with the percentages of males and females varying from year to year.

With regards the older people, the majority are women. They live in different areas of the city and their ages range from 61 and 92 years old. They are usually people who live alone and who need company and assistance with specific aspects of daily life.

Each year, the feedback from the programme is very positive, and in most cases, requests are made to repeat the experience with the same person.



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Tel: 952136303


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