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The following organisations are currently undertaking research at The Ada Byron Research Building:


  • CAOSD: Aspect‐Oriented Software Development
    • Senior Investigator: Dr. Lidia Fuentes
    • Lines of Research: Model-driven self-adaptive systems for the Future Internet (mobile phones, sensors, actuators, etc.). Advanced Software Engineering Technologies (Software Product Lines, Aspect-Orientation, Models at runtime, Agent-Oriented Software Engineering).
    • Web:
  • ERTIS: Embedded and Real Time Systems
    • Senior Investigator: Dr. Manuel Díaz
    • Lines of Research: Methodologies of safety critical software development. Middleware for complex systems. Cyber-physical systems. Integration in cloud computing architecture.
    • Email:  
  • KHAOS: Bioinformatics, Databases, Big Data
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. José F. Aldana
    • Lines of Research: Integrated Management and Analysis of Data: Databases, Semantic Web, Ontologies, Linked Open Data y Big Data. Applications: Systems Biology, Traslational Research Informatics, Cultural Heritage and Tourism.
    • Web:
  • MORSE: Mobile Networks and Software Reliability
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Pedro Merino
    • Lines of Research:  Model based testing and model checking for Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs). Runtime verification of extra-functional properties in CPSs. Quality of Service/Quality of Experience in 4G/5G mobile networks. Experimental facilities for research in wireless communications
    • Web:
  • NICS: Network, Information and Computer Security Lab
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Francisco J. López
    • Lines of Research: Cloud Computing Security. Critical Infrastructures Protection, Identity Management, Internet of Things, Non-repudiation, RFID. Secure Software & Service Engineering, Trust & Reputation Management y Wireless Sensor Networks.
    • Web:
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Antonio Maña
    • Lines of Research: Privacy and Safety Systems Engineering. Safety Certification. Safety in Cyber-physical Systems and IoT. Trusted Computing and Cryptographic Hardware
    • Web:             
  • SCENIC: Service and Component Engineering for Internet Computing
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Ernesto Pimentel
    • Lines of Research: Service-Oriented Computing,  Component-Based Software Engineering,  Cloud Computing, Internet of Services, and Internet of Things.
    • Web:


  • CEHIUMA: Centre of Hydrogeology - UMA
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Bartolomé Andreo
    • Lines of Research: Groundwater and surface water research, Water quality and contamination analysis. Water resources management: aquifers, wetlands, etc.
    • Web:            
  • ETC SIA: European Topic Centre on Spatial Information and Analysis
    • Principal Investigator: Dania Abdul Malak
    • Lines of Research: Environmental Research. Data collection, processing and evaluation. Environmental reporting. Land use and land cover analysis. Impact analysis of environmental policies.
    • Web:
  • GSoilLab
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. José Damián Ruíz Sinoga
    • Lines of Research: Agricultural and forestry soil studies. Analysis and Consulting service for the restoration and regeneration of soils.
    • Web:
  • iHTT: Inter-University Institute of Habitat, Tourism and Territory
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Carlos Jesús Rosa
    • Lines of Research:  Habitat and tourist areas research. Habitat consultancy and technical assistance services in urban planning with particular focus on habitat, housing and tourism.
    • Web:


Other research groups:

  • AMZET: María Zambrano Center for Transatlantic Studies
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Juan Antonio García Galindo
    • Lines of Research: Transatlantic Studies and International Studies.
      Different strategies designed to face the challenges of globalization.
      Migration policies, migration treatment, citizenship practices,
      coexistence and social integration. Regional processes of economic and
      political integration. The role of the media in contemporary democracies.
    • Web:
  • OASYS: Optimization and Analytics for Sustainable EnergY Systems
    • Principal Investigator: Dr. Juan M. Morales
    • Lines of Research: Design, development and implementation of mathematical algorithms, techniques and models for optimal decision-making under uncertainty, with a particular focus on their application to smart energy grids. Development of novel methods to leverage large amounts of data for the operation and planning of the energy systems of the future. Analysis and modeling of the economics of sustainable energy systems by way of game theory and hierarchical optimization.

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