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The facilities available to  researchers at The Ada Byron Research Building include two conference rooms, two meeting rooms, a telepresence room and two mobile units for video conferences.

Ada salon

The conference rooms each have a video projector, two video cameras, an electronic whiteboard and capacity for 45 people. The rooms are divided by a retractable wall which can be pulled back to unify the two rooms with capacity for 90 people.


The two meeting rooms, with capacity for 22 people each, have a video projector, and are also divided with a retractable wall allowing them to be unified if necessary.

The audiovisual equipment in these four rooms is controlled by a multimedia rack which enables the different inputs and outputs (audio and video) to be easily switched between all four rooms. This allows, for example, the same presentation to be shown in all four rooms simultaneously or for all projection equipment from each room to be linked when they are being used together as one room.

Ada audio

Moreover, there are three separate banks of video conference equipment. One is located in a room that has been designed specifically as a virtual learning centre (the telepresence room). It comprises two large TFT screens, a video camera and a conference table with omnidirectional microphones and a connection panel.

Ada reuniones

The other two video conference equipment banks are each built into a mobile unit with a built-in TFT screen, video camera and microdirectional microphone. These two units comprise the mobile equipment available for video conferences in any of the rooms or labs available.



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