Conferences (since 2010)

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  • Valentí Sallares (ICM-CSIC, Barcelona). "Earthquake rupture properties and tsunamigenesis in the shallowest megathrust". March 27th. (virtual).
  • Jonas Sukys (Eawag, Germany) "High-performance uncertainty quantification on aquatic research". February 20th.
  • Christian Klingenberg (Wuerburg University, Germany). "The compressible Euler equations with gravity: well-balanced schemes and all Mach number solvers". February 14th.
  • Nicola Guglielmi (GSSI L'Aquila, Italy). "Computing rigthmost eigen-pairs of matrix valued operators exploiting low rank structure". January 31st.


  • Lukasz Plociniczak (Wroclaw Univ. of Science and Technology). "Numerical Method for nonlocal in time nonlinear diffusion". November 21st
  • Ron Barron. University of Windsor, Canada. High-Order Numerical Solution of PDEs on Complex Domains using the Cut-Stencil Finite Difference Method. May 24th.
  • Julian Koellermeler. Pekin University (PKU) - School of Mathematical Sciences. "Non-conservative models for rarefied gas flows. Properties and numerical solution". January 5th.


  • David Zorío. Universidad de Concepción, Chile. "Métodos WENO con indicadores de suavidad eficientes". November 13th.


  • Roxana Crisovan. U. Zurich. "Model order reduction for steady and unsteady hyperbolic conservation laws". December 18th. 
  • Raul Borsche. U. Kaiserslautern. "Networks of hyperbolic balance laws". November 14th.
  • Shuyang XIANG. Laboratoire CERMICS, École de ponts de Paris Tech (France). "Fluid dynamic on the domain of outer communication of a Schwarzschild spacetime.  A numerical study". September 20th.
  • Pep Mulet. Universidad de Valencia. "Approximate Taylor methods for ODEs". September 11th.
  • Raimund Bürger, Universidad de Concepción (Chile). "On diffusively corrected multispecies kinematic flow models". May 17th.


  • Christophe Chalons, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (France). "All-regime Lagragian-Remap numerical schemes for gas dynamics equations. Applications to the large friction and low Mach coefficients". May 13th.
  • André Brodtkorb, SINTEF, Oslo (Norway). "Short introduction to GPU and heterogeneous computing". April 11th.
  • Pablo Pedregal, Universidad de Málaga. "Leyes de conservación: ¿Un planteamiento alternativo?". January 27th


  • Pascal Richter, RWTH Aachen University. "Modeling of two-phase flow - Direct steam generation in solar thermal power plants". June 24th.
  • Iñigo Aniel-Quiroga, IHC. "Proyectos científicos sobre Tsunamis en el IHC. Posibles colaboraciones". April, 23rd.
  • Philippe G. LeFloch. "Self-similar vanishing viscosity-capillarity limits". March, 11th.


  • Toni Baeza, UV. "Métodos de alto orden para la simulación numérica de problemas de fluidos en dominios complejos". November, 20th.
  • Sergey Korotov. "On Bisection-Type Algorithms for Mesh Adaptivity". September, 4th.
  • Isabel Cordero. "Constrained formulations of Einstein equations and properties of the resulting PDEs". January, 29th.


  • Jonas Sukys, ETH Zurich, Switzerland. "Robust massively parallel Multi-level Monte Carlo solver for uncertainty quatification of nonlinear conservation laws". Seminario de Análisis Matemático, Facultad de Ciencias. November, 7th.
  • Diego Arcas, NOAA Center for Tsunami Research (EE.UU.). "Desafios en la predicción operacional de tsunamis". Aula de Grados B de la Escuela Politécnica Superior. Hora: 12:00. July, 17th. 
  • Alexander Kurganov, Tulane University. "Central-upwind scheme for shallow water models". Seminario de Análisis Matemático, Facultad de Ciencias. May, 8th.


  • Antonio Marquina. "Title". March, 15th.
  • María López Fernández, Universidad de Zurich. "Resolución numérica de ecuaciones integrales de tipo convolutivo y aplicaciones". April, 13th.
  • Giovanni Russo. Universidad de Catania. "IMEX Runge-Kutta schemes for hyperbolic systems with stiff relaxation". December, 11th.
  • Giuseppe Bilotta. Universidad de Catania. "Fluid dynamics with Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics on GPU". December, 11th.
  • Armando Coco. Universidad de Catania. "Finite difference ghost cell-multigrid level set methods, with application to free boundary problems in fluid dynamics". December, 11th.


  • F. J. Thies. RWTH Aachen, Alemania. "Progress report on 2-3 layer adaptive shallow water modelling". April, 5th
  • J. Balbás. Central schemes: implementation, parallelization, and the new CentPack web interface  June, 8th.
  • L. Laval. ETH Zurich, Suiza. "Implementation of a Lax-Friedrich Finite Volume Solver for 1D Hyperbolic systems using CUDA". June, 29th
  • L. Müller, Universidad de Trento, Italia. "Well-balanced high-order numerical schemes for one-dimensional blood flow in vessels". November, 10th
  • E. D. Fernández Nieto, Universidad de Sevilla. "Un modelo de aguas someras multicapa con transferencia de masa". November, 18th


  • P. Vigneau. "Augmented Lagrangian / well-balanced finite volume coupling for a compressible Bingham flow". November, 18th.
  • S. Mishra. ETH Zurich, Switzerland. "Arbitrarily high-order essentially non-oscillatory entropy stable schemes for systems of conservation laws". December, 9th.
  • Ulrick S. Fjordholm. ETH Zurich, Switzerland. November, 29th - December, 8th.
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