Carlos María Parés Madroñal

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Software development

One of the objectives of our research group consists in implementing the numerical schemes and models we work in. The pieces of software implemented are integrated into computational modules that are continuously incorporated to our software package HySEA. This software is the main simulation tool used for all the services provided by the Unit of Numerical Methods of the University of Malaga.

More precisely, we have developed computational modules for the resolution of:

  • One and two-layer shallow water models, in one or two space dimensions,
  • Multilayer non-hydrostatic models,
  • Shallow water models coupled with sediment transport by suspension, bedload transport,  ...
  • Hydrodynamical-biological coupled models,
  • Models for hyperpycnal plumes,
  • Aerial and subaerial landslides and tsumani generation.

These modules allow the simulation of phenomena such as:

  • Marine currents forced by tides or winds,
  • Tidal dynamics in natural straits,
  • Coupling of biological processes with hydrodynamical forcing,
  •  Dam-break and flooding by rivers,
  • Marine pollutant dispersion,
  • Seismic generated tsunamis,
  • Landslide tsunami simulations, etc.

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 Carlos María Parés Madroñal 

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