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Why this service is required?

Simulation based on numerical methods is one of the most important tools for the analysis, prediction and control of many phenomena that take place in our environment. This is, in particular, the case of geophysical flows on which the work of the laboratory is currently focused, although not restricted to.The anticipation of what would happen in the event of sudden rupture of a dam, flooding of a population due to a torrential rainfall regime or flooding of a river, and even prediction of the behavior of large bodies of water in the sea, as tsunamis, are possible applications of this technology.

The Unit of Numerical Methods has its own supercomputer platform, based on the philosophy of offering high performance by exploiting the computational resources of components such as the multimedia records of standard processors or next generation graphic cards. This type of platforms allow to obtain tools of supercomputation whose relation between calculation power and price are excellent.

Based on this supercomputing platform, the services offered by the laboratory to research groups or companies are:

Software development. The main product offered by the Unit is the HySEA web platform: It is a web application that allows to launch from any computer, using a standard browser, simulations of geophysical flows based on numerical models developed by the EDANYA group at the University of Málaga. This platform, which contains pre-treatment modules (mesh generation and data interpolation), calculation and post-treatment (visualization of results) allows simulating flows of rivers, channels, marine currents, floods, sediment transport, underwater avalanches, tsunamis, etc.

• Another of the main products is a software for the simulation of tsunamis. Generation by deformation of the bottom, which is transferred instantaneously to the free surface of the water, propagation and flood in the coast. Measuring arrival times, wave amplitude, etc.

• Advice and resolution of doubts to the users of the HySEA web platform.

• Implementation in the computer equipment of the Laboratory of other software packages that may interest the users and that can adequately exploit the type of resources that are available.

• Advice on numerical techniques and parallel scientific programming.

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