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megaflow_260x220The main objective of this project is to introduce new multilayer non-hydrostatic mathematical models for the simulation of geophysical flows such as tsunami waves, storm surges, debris flows, landslides, etc. that can be used to model real-world problems. A relaxation strategy will be used to impose weakly the zero divergence constraint related to the non-hydrostatic pressure. New well-balanced high-order numerical methods to solve systems of balance laws or nonconservative hyperbolic systems will be developed and analyzed. Finally, HCP and Machine Learning techniques will be developed to improve the computational costs of the models. The overall objective is to develop geophysical flow solvers with improved physical quality able to produce FTRT simulations.



Modelos Multicapa No-Hidrostáticos Relajados y Métodos Numéricos de Alto Orden Bien Equilibrados para Fluidos Geofísicos

Relaxed Non-Hydrostatic Multilayer Models and Well-Balanced High-Order Numerical Methods for Geophysical Fluids

  • Funding institution: Plan Nacional de I+D (MEC/FEDER)
  • Participating institutions: Universidad de Málaga
  • Duration: from 01/01/2019 to 31/12/2022
  • Funding: 127,655 €
  • PIs: Manuel J. Castro Díaz / Carlos Parés Madroñal
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