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Banner Buddy Program 2022 2023

The Buddy Program, carried out by the UMA International Hub, aims to integrate foreign students into university life in University of Malaga. It provides one-to-one support to international exchange students through the assignment of pairs of students (l-Buddy + e-Buddy).

Each international exchange student, e-Buddy, is assigned an l-Buddy, who is a local student of the University of Malaga. The l-Buddy will introduce you to the city lifestyle and integrate you into the UMA community. As well as, trying to solve any doubts you may have before your arrival in Malaga and with your transition to life as an exchange student..


When can I participate?

There will be two calls during the 2021-2022 academic year; "Call 1" will have 3 pairing periods and "Call 2" will have 2 pairing periods.

Call 1 - 1st Academic Semester (July-October)

  • 1st Buddy Program Pairing Period| July
  • 2nd Buddy Program Pairing Period  | August-September
  • 3rd Buddy Program Pairing Period | September-October

Call 2 - 2nd Academic Semester (December-January)

  • 1st Buddy Program Pairing Period | January - February
  • 2nd Buddy Program Pairing Period | February - March


How can I participate?


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