The XI International Week for Erasmus+ Staff, organized by the Vice-Rectorate for Mobility and International Cooperation through the UMA International HUB, has begun today with an event at the UMA Rectorate. The event featured speeches by the Deputy Vice-Rector for International Mobility, Beatriz Blázquez, the Director of the UMA International Hub, Miriam Seghiri, and the Mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, who welcomed the participants.

The Week is being held in-person after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to a significant turnout. This year, the event welcomes a large number of professionals, who have been divided into two groups and different sessions. The first visiting group will receive training during this week, while the second group will be hosted from May 23 to May 26.

In total, the week hosts over 60 participants from 28 different nationalities, with a significant representation from Germany, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Palestine, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, and Tunisia. All of them are part of the Erasmus+ programs and bilateral agreements between the University of Malaga and higher education institutions.

In this first session, coinciding with Europe Day, UMA has a total of 25 administrative and service staff members from 18 higher education institutions, representing 21 countries, including Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, and Turkey. Furthermore, through the KA-107 mobility program, the Week welcomes Tunisia for the second consecutive year and, for the first time, Honduras.


Due to the number of registered participants, they have been divided into two groups and sessions.

The program consists of two parts: the cultural component and general training, where visitors will receive informative sessions from various services and vice-rectorates. Additionally, the Week has organized a series of cultural activities to complement the general training, including a guided tour of the University of Malaga facilities, a guided tour of the historic center of Malaga, a flamenco workshop, and an Andalusian cooking workshop.