Alberto Jiménez Fraud Residence

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The University of Malaga University Residence consists of flats with two or three double or single bedrooms. Students share a bathroom, a living room and a small kitchen containing essential kitchenware.


The flats are located in an enclosed area with a restaurant service, laundry facilities, function room and 24-hour security. In addition, there is a twice-weekly cleaning service for the flats.

Accommodation prices are set according to the student’s income level and the type of room. These prices vary each academic year according to the changes in the Consumer Price Index.

Separate fees are paid for electricity and water costs. These costs are shared between the students who occupy the flat. Residents must bring their own bed linen or rent it from the Residence.

A place in the University Residence is assigned by means of a call for applications published each academic year in April. Three main factors are taken into consideration: family income, distance from the place of residence and the student’s academic transcript.

Internal Rules of the Residence Hall

Residence Website

Information: Social Action Service.   Tel: 952137327       Email:



To apply for a place at the Alberto Jiménez Fraud Residence Hall, you must fill in the data collection form. After filling in the form, you will receive an email that includes your filled in application form. This, together with the required documents, must be submitted to the Registration Assistance Offices (in Spanish: Oficinas de Asistencia en Materia de Registro)   of the University of Malaga, or preferably telematically at the Electronic Office of the University of Malaga  (in Spanish: Sede Electrónica), or by any other means established in Art. 16.4 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, of the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations, and addressed to: Servicio de Acción Social de la Universidad de Málaga, Plaza de El Ejido, s/n, 29013 Málaga

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