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COST Action CA 16211 RECAST

Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe

As part of RECAST’s deliverables, a number of edited collections are under way drawn on the WG workshops. Since April 2020 the leaders and vice-leaders of the working groups and the chair have held a preparatory meeting every month:

WG 1 Practices
Meike Schmidt-Gleim, Ruzha Smilova, and Claudia Wiesner, eds., Democratic Crisis Revisited: Dialectics of Politicisation and Depoliticisation. Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2022.

WG 2 Languages and Ideologies
Rosario López, Lenka Stranadová, Martin Beckstein and Eno Trimçev, eds., Liberalism and Conservatism: Reconsidering the Ideological Divide, special issue of the journal Comparative Political Theory, currently in preparation.

WG 3 Concepts
Hanna-Mari Kivistö, Gonçalo Marcelo and Gabriella Silvestrini, eds., Democracy, Migration and Rights in Europe: From Theory to Praxis, currently under review.
Hanna-Mari Kivistö, Gonçalo Marcelo and José María Rosales, eds., Reconceptualizing State of Exception / Emergency Rule: European Lessons from the Pandemic, special issue accepted for the Emerald Publishing series Studies in Law, Politics, and Society, in preparation.

WG 4 Debates
Maria Brown, Taru Haapala and Lilia Raycheva, eds., Citizenship Education for Political Agency in European Democracies: Transnational Appraisals and Debates’, special issue of the journal Postcolonial Directions in Education, 11:1 (2022), 1-177.


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