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COST Action CA 16211 RECAST

Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe

What Working Groups Are and Are Not

 The Argumentative Markers of the Challenge 

To coordinate the cooperative research, the network is structured into four transnational, interdisciplinary WGs, formed around the challenge’s argumentative markers. 

Their objectives and tasks develop the enlightening potential of their members’ expertise focuses. They are reflected in turn in the series of activities and committed deliverables (tacit and codified knowledge).

What They Are Not 

Passive receptacles of Action's participants.

 Common Tasks  

Engaging non-academic stakeholders in their activities with the aims of producing integrated knowledge. 

Spreading it through publicistic and scholarly channels to reach wider publics and improve its impact.

Specific Objectives and Tasks of the Working Groups

WG 1: Practices

WG 2: Languages and Ideologies

WG 3: Concepts

WG 4: Debates



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